A beach day in Madrid? Yes, it is possible!

A beach day in Madrid? Yes, it is possible!

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With its grandeur and cultural richness, Madrid has a problem that is exacerbated when the thermometers rise: there is no beach… Although there are many locals who have seen the pool as an essential part of their housing, the fact is that for most of them who want to cool off from an intense day of heat they have to do so by using a hose, the neighbourhood swimming pool or with a weekend trip (several hours) to the nearest beach.

Now, what if we tell you that Madrid does have a beach? Although there are no beaches there are incredible places with a magical environment in which to enjoy a day of bathing and sun. The best excuse to escape the high temperatures that characterise the centre of the city during the summer. These are the three most well known:

The Beach of Alberche

Located in Aldea del Fresno (about 50 kilometres from the capital if you start from our hotel Petit Palace Art Gallery), the popular river beach of Alberche is one of those meeting places for the Madrid locals and tourists who seek to escape the heat of Madrid .

Beyond being famous for its easy parking and having an ideal area to enjoy a family beach day (You can bring your sun umbrellas), this river beach is surrounded by a magical natural environment that makes the day a special experience.

Playa de Los Villares

Bathe in the cool waters of the Tagus River, this is what Los Villares beach offers us. This river beach located in the town of Estremera is the perfect retreat for those who have chosen an urban hotel in the centre of Madrid (like the Petit Palace Lealtad Plaza) and opt for a day of excursions and “Madrilenian beaches”.

A landscape like a movie set and an unbeatable environment in which families and groups of friends dominate. The best? If you go by car you will have no problem parking as there are several areas where you can leave your vehicle.

Las Presillas

In the Sierra de Guadarrama, the so-called Presillas take shape, natural pools formed by the flowing Lozoya river where bathing is a wonderful experience. However, climbing the mountain from the capital – or from points such as Petit Palace Embasy Serrano will take you just over an hour, making the route worth it for the tranquility and the innate magic of the place.


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