A morning in the Plaza del Duque de Sevilla (Duke of Seville Square)

A morning in the Plaza del Duque de Sevilla (Duke of Seville Square)

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Few things give us as much pleasure this May as the spring sun shining down on the spectacular city of Seville. Light filters through each street, bathing the most emblematic of the city squares with a special brightness; legendary must-see squares like the ever vibrant and authentic Plaza del Duque.

The official stop for the main urban buses that run through the city and open-air shopping areas wherever they are, Plaza del Duque is the meeting point and reference point for thousands of locals and tourists who travel through the areas of downtown Seville. So, why is it the norm to see and stay in the Plaza del Duque?

A square that can’t be missed

Located 10 minutes walk away from the Petit Palace Marqués Santa Ana and Petit Palace Santa Cruz hotels and about 15 minutes from the Petit Palace Canalejas Seville, Plaza del Duque has ended up becoming the arrival and departure point for the main tourist excursions organised by agencies and tour operators.

This is due to its strategic location. The main city centre streets; streets such as the legendary Alfonso XI, the narrow Amor de Dios and Trajano, calle Imagen and the popular Tetuán and Sierpes, end up at this point of the city.

The perfect place for a few hours of shopping

The assortment of shops in Duke of Seville Square is wide and varied, very varied. Thus, although the two main buildings in the square are owned by a well-known department store chain, not only can you find shops selling fans, corals and shawls in this legendary spot in the capital of Seville, but also a large range of important International fashion brands.

Beyond the shops to use, Plaza del Duque has an open-air craft market that is assembled every day of the year (except Sundays) in the early hours of the morning and remains active until late afternoon. Here, in addition to being able to buy cardigans or handkerchiefs at a good price, you will find leather or ceramic handicrafts.

Snacks made in Seville

After a morning enjoying everything on offer, the Plaza del Duque can be a break for you to enjoy the Sevillian gourmet foods in places like El Patio de San Eloy or Mesón el Serranito, two local points in which to taste delicacies like the ‘salmorejo’ cold creamy tomato soup, ‘serranitos’ mixed meat sandwiches, the ‘palometa’ fish sandwich or the delicious sirloin with Whisky.


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