A practical guide to enjoy to the maximum Malaga’s Day Fair

A practical guide to enjoy to the maximum Malaga’s Day Fair

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Of the seasons of the year to get to know Malaga as a destination, the best is summer. With the fabulous beaches, exquisite gastronomy and unique character, the capital of the province of Malaga is the perfect place for a perfect holiday.

Nobody could possibly doubt that it is true that the city is special between 13th and 20th August. The motive? It is during these dates the Malaga Day Fair is celebrated, a fiesta which originated in 1487 and which attracts thousands of both locals and tourists who want to experience one of Malaga’s most important events.

Also known as the “Centre Fair” (because it takes place in the old town, near to the Petit Palace Plaza Malaga), is a daytime fair celebrated with the sun in all its splendor and with an ample offer of tapas, wines and live attractions. We are talking about a fair in the sun in the month of August so you should ask the question……How do we enjoy it without suffering? 

Choose the right clothes

As Malaga is a coastal city, the temperature varies considerably between day and night. Also, during the day the temperature can reach 35C but at night it can drop to 22C or 23C degrees. What is recommended? Choose light clothes for your daytime visits and then change for the evening. This will be very easy if you are staying in one of the bedrooms of the Petit Palace Plaza Malaga, because this hotel is just 5 minutes away.

Careful with the sun 

Whether it is to visit the Day Fair or just a simple walk, in Malaga it is recommended that you wear a hat or cap and protect yourself with a quality sunscreen. The motive is the strength of the sun rays that in Malaga are a must and (although they are delightful) can convert your experience into a nightmare. No, we really do not want sunburn or even less, unnecessary sunstroke.

Drink in moderation

It could be because of the quality, because they are cool or because they are delicious that the glasses of “fino” go straight to our head during our visit to the Day Fair. To combat the extreme heat in the month of August by increasing consumption of alcoholic drinks is not the wisest thing to do so we recommend that you drink cool water between dances or in between those appetizing glasses of “fino” that you are offered.

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