A stroll through the most beautiful squares in Madrid

A stroll through the most beautiful squares in Madrid

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If there is a month in which it is really worth to visit the city of Madrid that is without a doubt the month of June. With ideal temperatures for walking around the city, our recommendation for this month (as long as you know the main points of interest of the capital) is that you enjoy a route through the most beautiful and symbolic squares of Madrid. Today we give you the names of the most striking. Take note :)

Plaza de la Villa, a treasure in the heart of Madrid

Only a few metres from the Petit Palace Mayor Plaza Hotel is the beautiful Plaza de la Villa. This square (whose history goes back to the Middle Ages) is located on Calle Mayor, in the centre of the capital. Surrounded by small streets full of history, Plaza de la Villa is surrounded by cultural monuments such as the House and Tower of the Lujanes, the House of the Villa or the popular House of Cisneros (a construction dating from the beginning of the century XVI).

In addition to enjoying the mixture of architectural styles (medieval, baroque and Plateresque among many others) you can breath in the authenticity in one of the oldest points of Madrid.

 The Plaza del Rey and the house of the 7 chimneys

Between the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, the Petit Palace Lealtad Plaza and the Paseo de Recoletos, is the Plaza del Rey and the house of the seven chimneys, the main draw of this area in ​​the capital.

This house (by Juan de Herrera, Antonio Sillero and Juan Bautista de Toledo) is famous for its past, its many legends of terror and for being, according to the grandparents, the first official residence of the right hand man of King Philip II of Spain.

 Salvador Dalí Square

Next to Calle Goya (about 15 minutes by metro from Petit Palace Opera) you can find many travellers who are surprised to encounter the unique sculpture of Dalí outside Catalonia. When you see it, it is then when the beautiful and simple Salvador Dalí Square makes sense, a tribute to the artist from Figueres that is well worth visiting.

The work of the art consists of a dolmen and a bronze sculpture that is more than thirteen metres high, whose aim (according to the experts and art historians) was to represent – in some way – the union between Isaac Newton and science.


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