A summer in the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia

A summer in the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia

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Visiting the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia is a great opportunity to live a unique experience in great installations dedicated to scientific and cultural research. The ensemble of buildings will surprise the visitor from the very first moment with its stunning design by the architects Santiago Calatrava and Felix Candela.

In fact, the City of Arts and Sciences has become since its inauguration an authentic tourist lure for Valencia which attracts myriads of national and international tourists. It is located in the gardens of the old Turia river’s channel, a 2-km area where the different buildings of the centre lie, surrounded by pleasant gardens.

The City of Arts and Sciences is formed by six different elements:

– The Oceanographic, which is the largest salt water aquarium in Europe, with more than 500 different marine species.

– The Hemisphere, an IMAC cinema theatre which shows digital films and shorts.

The Principe Felipe Museum of Sciences, an interactive science centre.

– The Reina Sofia Arts Palace, which shows Valencia’s opera programme.

– The Umbracle, a viewpoint with gardens and a parking.

– The Ágora, a multifunctional space at the edge of the installations.

The summer is a great period for visiting any of the facilities of the City of Arts and Sciences. Besides, all the activities have been devised for families, so it is a great opportunity to share experiences with your children.

During the summer some special  activities are held in the centre. For example, from the 12th to the 31st of July the “Nights of the Oceanographic” will allow you to go through the aquariums during a special evening schedule and enjoy every night at the dolphinarium the new night show “Aloha Spirit”, with dolphins, synchronised swimming and Polynesian dances.

The Oceanographic also offers during summer other activities held throughout the year, like “Animalia Passport”, which allows the whole family to get to know the dolphins and sea lions.

Furthermore, the Principe Felipe Museum holds during summer the “Free to air Music with Berklee”, with different free activities, among which we find “A lake of concerts”, a programme of shows in which students of the Berklee College of Music play songs of different styles in a unique setting, the outdoor swimming pool of the museum.

If you want to enjoy a wondrous experience in the City of Arts and Sciences we recommend you stay in some of the Petit Palace Hotels in Valencia.


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