A unique night in the Eixample district

A unique night in the Eixample district

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Barcelona is one of those cities that should you shouldn’t just experience by day. With its leisure and cultural opportunities, its gourmet food and its unique places, the Catalan capital is one of those destinations that must be savored step by step when night falls. A place that fills with the pure essence and charm of Barcelona when the sun goes down is in neighborhoods and districts like Eixample.

With an area of ​​about eight square kilometers, the Eixample neighborhood is not only the most central, large and populated area of the city but it is the most typically traditional neighborhood of Barcelona. In its environs you can find not only the Rambla, the Plaza de Catalunya and Avenida Diagonal, but the Sagrada Familia and Casa Milá also occupy part of its territory and all these cultural highlights are located within walking distance of our hotels Petit Palace Barcelona, ​​Petit Palace Boqueria Garden and Petit Palace Museum.

For all this, due to its tradition and its undeniable beauty, strolling through its streets in the late afternoon is the perfect way to enjoy a unique night in Barcelona. So where can you enjoy a good wine, stroll and enjoy taking photos?

A first walk

Before going to the Gothic Quarter, where dining is a delight, firstly take a stroll and for this the Rambla is the best place. With its stalls of flowers, churros and souvenirs and its traditional yet modern touch, strolling in Barcelona is the best way to breathe in the essence of the city. If you want more don’t forget to walk around the Plaza de Catalunya (something we highly recommend if you love shopping).

Objective? Fill the stomach

Although in Plaça Catalunya there are various gourmet venues where you can enjoy a good dinner, we recommend that you venture into the Gothic Quarter to enjoy a local wine and some freshly made treat. For those who go further, we recommend two restaurants that are highlights in the area: the restaurant Viana (ideal for sharing tapas) and La Alcoba Azul.

A postcard image

How would you feel about going to bed with an illuminated Sagrada Família image? Yes, after filling the stomach with the locally sourced culinary delights, there is nothing better than laying your eyes on the best symbol of the city, the most authentic and legendary. The visual image is so impressively lit that you will feel that you are part of a real postcard.


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