A world of services for all with the Petit Palace seal

A world of services for all with the Petit Palace seal

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Although when it comes to traveling a lot of people look for a destination which suits their lifestyle or their interests (whether cultural, sporting and gastronomic) most people want to unite the terms “destination”, “quality accommodation” and “service” to the experience of traveling. Why is this? The pace of our lives makes us want to travel without having to worry about anything.

One of the chains that has managed to merge these concepts is the Petit Palace so that, in addition to its prime locations such as those offered by hotels Petit Palace Santa Cruz (Seville), Petit Palace Boqueria Garden (in Barcelona) or Petit Palace Plaza Málaga, our brand is known for offering unique services that will delight both adults and children. What are the highlights?

Free bikes for our customers

Few things are as charming as visiting a city by bike. Knowing that it is usual to rent a bike when you get to your destination, in the Petit Palace we say check out our offer of free bikes to our customers. So, during your stay, you can get to know each city centre or its most well known areas without having to spend more on bike hire.

 Free iPads in every room


In the Petit Palace we are lovers of social networking … We love travellers who –through the medium of photography- tell the world how they spent their holidays. So that you can share all this experience with your family and friends, in many of our hotels you will find free iPads. They are in your room and cost nothing during your stay.


Extras for families


Travelling with the family never goes out of fashion even if the concept has changed and it is not worth booking two rooms (one for parents and one for the children). Nowadays families want to spend their holidays together without partitions and doors in between.


To end this problem, in the Petit Palace we decided to go for family rooms. They are spacious, comfortable and attractive rooms in which you can fit up to 6 people. So, besides being all together, it is easier to get a good night’s rest without spending half the night on the way to cover children.

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