Albufera de Valencia says “yes” to outdoor sports

Albufera de Valencia says “yes” to outdoor sports

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They say that on holiday we all go a little crazy and throw ourselves into adventures and experiences that would normally be lost in routine drudgery and that we wouldn’t attempt to do the rest of the year for lack of time and initiative. We could not agree more with this statement.

Although we all have an adventurous side willing to come out and take over occasionally, it is lovers of outdoor sports who risk most to have different experiences. It’s rather like maintaining your sports routines on holiday but looking for different, alternative and thrilling scenarios that make the experience something unique, something memorable. If this is your case, read on because today we are talking about an ideal place to enjoy outdoor sports: La Albufera de Valencia.

Located about 15 kilometres south of the Valencian capital (about 25 minutes if you take as an arrival or starting point our hotels Petit Palace Plaza de la Reina and Petit Palace Ruzafa), the Natural Park of Albufera de Valencia is a place that presents you with incredible panoramas and the ideal sports experiences. Read on to see our recommendations!

A day of cycling with unique views

One of those activities that can be practised in the protected area of Albufera of Valencia is cycling since the place offers enchanting trails where you can experience sport sessions outdoors. The bicycle rental price per day is calculated by the number of hours of use but never exceeds twelve euros.

Albufera offers three routes with different levels of difficulty and duration. Some routes can leave from the park itself or even from the heart of the City of Arts and Sciences.

Getting to know Albufera by boat

Famous for being one of the most important wetlands in our country, Albufera is especially beautiful when you visit by boat. So if you’re a dinghy fan you’re definitely in the right place.

With prices ranging from 30 euros to 45 euros, the walks (30, 60 and 90 minutes) go into the most beautiful and unknown corners of the Valencian natural park. Some routes have as starting points the Pomero pier or the Port of Saler and take you to the rice paddies or the area known as “Mata del Fang”


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