And if your last night of holiday was completely free?

And if your last night of holiday was completely free?

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Put yourself in the situation: You begin to prepare for your next holiday, you begin to search for places to go, you decide on a charming hotel and suddenly you stumble upon the offer of the year. You put your glasses on and read the phrase that makes you leap up off the sofa: Book three nights in the double room at Petit Palace and we will give you one night free.

Either because spring has already arrived or because we are a holiday lovers, the truth is that at Petit Palace we have already become a little crazy and we have decided to give a free fourth night stay to all those who make a reservation for three days. An offer valid only for the month of April? With our 4×3 offer you can enjoy this free fourth night with any of your bookings during the months of July, August, November and December.

Now that it’s that month again to choose your destination, you shouldhave no worries as there is no Petit Palace destination that doesn’t have a special charm and endless possibilities. How to get it right? Take note:

Malaga: The perfect destination during the month of July

Malaga is the perfect destination for a summer holiday thanks to its unique coast. A place that is overflowing with so much life during the day and night and that gives travellers so many cultural, historic and gastronomic experiences. Our recommendation? The Petit Palace Plaza Málaga.

Everyone to Bilbao in August

Although it is the favourite month of the great majority to travel Bilbao is still worth a visit during this time. It’s true that so many of us complain about the excessive heat in the month of August. The solution? Some days spent on holiday in Bilbao in a hotel a short walk away from the beach, just like Petit Palace Tamarises.

An Autumn in Seville

There is nothing better than travelling to Seville with the first autumn leaves falling to the ground. With its innate beauty, the capital of Andalucia is the perfect destination to enjoy a charming holiday. Its gastronomy, its leisure activities and hotels like the Petit Palace Santa Cruz are some of the factors that make it a winner.

Christmases in Madrid

The capital of our country is the ideal option for those who like to travel over Christmas. From walking along Gran Via, to seeing some falling snowflakes in the mountains, the truth is that few plans are as authentic as spending a few winter days in Madrid.


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