Barcelona in December: gives form to your events agenda

Barcelona in December: gives form to your events agenda

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Put yourself in this situation: you are accustomed to spending the Christmas holidays in your city, but this year you have decided to try the experience of spending some days in another place and far from home. The main problem? Deciding on one destination or another and of course … although it may seem otherwise, guessing is not easy.

Although in Spain we have cities that become really beautiful at this time, not all offer the same or all the same holiday festivals. First piece of advice? Know what kind of vacation you want. Now, if you are looking to enjoy the last days of the year in a place full of life and with a thousand and one activities for the old and young, do not hesitate, pack and go on vacation to Barcelona … We make you a summary here of the best events that we took on ourselves:

Cinema Music

To be seated in the tranquility of your own chair and listen to the melodies of Star Wars, Indiana Jones or Back to the Future (among many others) in indescribable quality, this is what is offered to your at the Grandes Éxitos de la Música del Cine concert.

A musical event that takes shape the day of the 10th in the Gran Teatro del Liceo (about 15 minutes walking from our hotel Petit Palace Boqueria Garden) that materializes thanks to the good work of the Cinema Symphony Orchestra.

Experience the ballet with Julio Bocca

Few things are as lovely as enjoying an evening ballet. Leaving your hotel Petit Palace Barcelona with your half etiquette and enjoying an event like the one offered by Julio Bocca’s ballet is one of those experiences that always feel good.

What will you find in the new piece of the Sodre National Ballet? In addition to the magic displayed on each of the dancers by the company that Bocca directs, the Coppelia show marks a before and after in the dancer’s career thanks to a deep, intense piece with certain touches of darkness and maturity. Where? In the Liceo.

The new musical of Coco Comín

The lovers of the musicals have a date with the new show that the dancer Coco Comin represents in the Apolo Theater (to which you will arrive with ease from the Petit Palace Museum). With the name of Mustache, the piece is represented throughout the month of December and offers music, fun and large doses of good dancing.


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