Barcelona, in fashion

Barcelona, in fashion

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Barcelona is fashionable. In fact this has been the case for quite a few years now. Not only is it one of the first cities on the “list of places to visit” of many thousands of foreigners but it is also one of the most repeated destinations for many Spanish people who are enamoured of the air of modernity that characterizes Barcelona city.

The shops, restaurants, hotels, emblematic buildings, museums, local customs and above all style… Barcelona is a living example of the latest trends in many areas. Additionally, the best is that everything is constantly changing and evolving, adapting to new fashions.

One of Barcelona’s best points is that it is a city with lots of life. Obviously there are some districts with more activity than others but in general it is a very active city. This life you will find everywhere, in the squares, the terraces, the commercial avenues, in the old town… you can visit the city at any moment and you will always find plenty of activity.

One of the other delightful things about Barcelona is the open and cosmopolitan atmosphere. This is something even more attractive for foreigners because they feel completely comfortable immersed in a multicultural ambiance where nobody finds it strange to see people of all nationalities and cultures.

The Catalonian capital is also highlighted for being a showcase where one can see the latest trends in urban fashion just by taking a stroll through the centre of Barcelona or one of the most modern districts, such as the Borne. You will see all types of urban tribes and above all, very diverse styles of dressing, that contribute to giving the city its characteristic eclectic air.

Barcelona’s fashionable shops also follow the same line. You can find many different types of shops and clothes. From the most exclusive and expensive to charming vintage shops with clothes that are fashionable now, as well as many establishments dedicated to a large range of styles.

The cafes and restaurants are also a clear example of the fusion between fashion, originality and charm where the owners try to give a definite personality to their businesses. Here you will find everything: bars specializing in exquisite coffee, gourmet hamburgers, cafes with cupcakes and delicious cakes, modern vegetarian restaurants, Asian food…

Of course, you will also find an abundance of restaurants serving Mediterranean and local food that combine traditional recipes with a modern and contemporary twist. Some of the areas such as the Eixample of Barcelona district have seen the birth of a large number of these modern establishments that are authentic treasures.

On the other hand the hotel industry have not been left behind in this adaptation to new trends. The Hotels Petit Palace of Barcelona are a clear example of this, the chain have opted for a line of modern establishments and boutique hotels with charm which offer excellent personal attention to the clients.


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