Barcelona surrenders itself to photography: the best exhibitions of the month

Barcelona surrenders itself to photography: the best exhibitions of the month

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One of the adjectives that best defines the city of Barcelona is “cultural”. A destination that gives space, support and real importance to any type of artistic expression and that has countless places for the enjoyment of art in all its forms.

Although architecture is perhaps Barcelon’s strongest artistic manifestation, ​​there are others, such as photography, which offers galleries full of works in which you can almost smell the talent of the most cutting-edge artists at the moment.

If you are a photography lover and you are thinking of treating yourself to a weekend in Barcelona, ​​keep reading because today we are going tell you about the exhibitions in which you can enjoy this artistic form as you’ve never done before:

“Occupy-Live” in the Can Framis Museum

Given that at Petit Palace we believe in the talent of younger artists (something that we have been supporting for many years now), we had to recommend the exhibition “Occupy-Live”. This exhibition can be visited until next December 15th at the Can Framis Museum, about 15 minutes from our town centre Petit Palace Boquería Garden hotel.

The exhibition, which is put on by the Master’s Degree students in Photography and Design at ELISAVA, combines photography and painting and delves into certain aspects of our existence and is highly recommended.

The anatomy of a shot in CaixaForum

The title “H(a)unting images: anatomy of a shot” already entices. This exhibition, which you can enjoy in Barcelona’s venue CaixaForum, brings us closer to the relationship between a firearm and the camera itself (hence the verb “shoot”).

Contemporary images made by the photographer Étienne Jules Marey that you can’t stop dipping into (with time and calm) if you are spending a few days unwinding and relaxing in the Petit Palace Museum.

Tempus, a masterpiece by Álvaro Ledesma

The Il Mondo Photo Gallery, one of the most important in Barcelona and the place where the latest masterpiece of the popular multidisciplinary artist Álvaro Ledesma takes shape, is about 15 minutes on foot from the Petit Palace Barcelona. The exhibition entitled “Tempus”, (on until next November 25th) takes us on a route through different moments in life.

We are speaking, in a certain type of way, of being participants in that magic that enables photography to freeze time, turning it into something eternal and special.


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