Barcelona’s restaurants celebrate the arrival of the calçot season

Barcelona’s restaurants celebrate the arrival of the calçot season

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With the arrival of autumns cold weather, the calçot season begins in Catalonia.

If you are visiting during this time of year, you have the opportunity to try this delicious Catalan dish and participate in one of the most traditional celebrations for the Catalans.

Calçots are a variation of fine and sweet onions that is traditionally eaten at this time of year. They are prepared directly over the coals (that is why it is not served at all the restaurants) and they are accompanied by a delicious romesco sauce, grilled meats or cod, and cema catalana as a mouth-watering dessert.

Many Catalans take advantage of the calçot season as an excuse to unite around the table with family and friends to enjoy a perfect calçotada, including the traditional bibs, as calçots tend to stain and you can easily get dirty.

The calçot season is set between December and April, and the dish is associated to a meal that can be enjoyed in the winter, as well as the spring. The restaurants that serve them, usually offer them as a menu, the calçotada menu, and in some cases they allow you to eat unlimited calçots until you can.

Rumour has it, that the calçot tradition was born in the locality of Valls, in Tarragona. Nowadays, you can try a good calçotada without the need of leaving Barcelona. In the city, there are a number of restaurants that have become very popular for being the meeting place to enjoy this Catalan tradition.

El Jardi de l’Apat (C/d’Albert Llanas, 2) is one of the most renowned restaurants where to eat calçots. It is located in the area of Horta-Guinardó, about 250 meters from Park Güell, in an old town house with several floors. This restaurant is specialized in Catalan cuisine and they prepare calçots on the barbecue.

The Masia Ca Dimoni (Vallensana Road, 3.3 km) is another of the restaurants that are famous for preparing calçotadas. It is located in the municipality of Badalona, just 15 minutes from Barcelona, and it is a perfect location for events or group meetings.

In the neighbourhood of Sants you can also enjoy a delicious calçotada at restaurant Cal Manel (C/Galileu, 85). It is an establishment with rustic décor that specializes in Catalan cuisine. Specifically, they are exclusively devoted to grilled meat and fish dishes, snails and calçots during the season.

Disbarat (C/Montseny, 14) is a rustic tavern, also located in the Gracia neighbourhood of Barcelona, with over 25 years serving the public traditional Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine. They, of course, serve the desired calçots.

We, at Petit Palace Hotels, hope you enjoy this tradition.

If you are visiting the city during this time of year, you can’t miss out on the opportunity of trying this typical Catalan dish. And, if you want to enjoy your stay, we recommend that you stay at one of Petit Palace’s hotels in Barcelona, from where you can visit the main tourist attractions of the city, such as the Boqueria Market.

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