Chueca, much more than the neighborhood of Madrid’s urban tribes

Chueca, much more than the neighborhood of Madrid’s urban tribes

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When it comes to locating and renaming the neighborhoods that have made Madrid one of the most important cities in the world, Chueca typifies the before and after by its history, its evolution and, above all, its authenticity. A lot of people think of this neighborhood as the Soho of Madrid for its range of shops, its numerous restaurants and its style … It has to be admitted that there is no neighborhood with more style than this one.

As well as being the place of residence of outstanding artists (such as the popular Sevillan actress Paz Vega) this neighborhood – located next to Petit Palace Ducal Chueca and less than ten minutes from the Petit Palace Triball and the Petit Palace Santa Bárbara hotel – is a place In which to find everything: from the fashion trends of the most ‘hip’ urban tribes to exquisite museums and restaurants.

If you have you decided to spend a whole day in this part of Madrid, here we’ve got the three essential ‘must sees’ that you can’t miss for the world:

Calle Fuencarral, a fashion shrine

Although in the past its popularity was due to its impressive market specializing in alternative clothing (the long-awaited and beloved Mercado de Fuencarral), it’s not only one of the best known streets n the Chueca neighborhood but it’s a highlight for fashion lovers.

Although there are hundreds of known branded stores that can be found in a simple stroll, it is worth stopping at the alternative fashion shops since these were the ones that made this Madrid neighborhood famous.

The continuous reinvention of Hortaleza Street

It is known by a lot of people for being the headquarters of the first brewery in Madrid and by others for hosting the Schools Pías de San Antón, however Calle Hortalezas is much more than all that: it is an true source of Madrid’s history.

With its typical, traditional venues (such as the Libreria Pérez Galdós), this just over a kilometer long street, is a place that breathes harmony and multiculturalism (hence its international restaurants).

San Antón Market

The Market of San Antón is located in Calle Augusto Figueroa. It is the market that supplies the neighborhood and it’s a true gourmet highlight in Madrid. Renovated in 2012, this market (spacious, beautiful and with that same elegant touch that everything that takes shape in Madrid has), it’s the perfect place to enjoy a good session of tapas and top-class wines and the best time to get a good spot is from 12 noon.

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