Did you know that Bilbao has a Cathedral of Santiago?

Did you know that Bilbao has a Cathedral of Santiago?

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Although the mind takes us to Galicia when we talk about the Cathedral of Santiago, we must stop on the way to remember that in our country there are two cathedrals that respond to the same name: one in Santiago de Compostela – one the most famous cathedrals in the world, and another in Bilbao. This last one is our topic of the week.

Located in the square with the same name – about 10 minutes walking from Petit Palace Arana Bilbao and just under 15 minutes by car from the Petit Palace Tamarises -, the Cathedral of Lord Santiago de Bilbao is the religious jewel in the Basque capital’s crown. A temple declared a World Heritage by UNESCO located on the north route of the Camino de Santiago that is characterised by its beautiful mixture of Gothic and Neogothic styles (and a construction was carried out between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries).

Have you decided to give yourself a romantic getaway or with friends to the Basque capital and intend to get to know the best kept secrets of this fundamental temple from the Spanish Middle Ages? Take note because these are some of its many curiosities and claims:

A cathedral, almost a dozen reforms

The weight of the history and the humid climate that characterises the city of Bilbao mean that the Cathedral of Santiago of the Basque capital has undergone diverse reforms that have lead to changes to the tower and the facade of the temple. The most recent? 17 years ago, and in 2000, it was decided to make a general reform so that the temple could finally open to the public.

Clear references to the Camino de Santiago

Although there are many kilometres between Santiago de Compostela and Bilbao, it is striking that this cathedral has a close link with the well-known Galician cathedral. Reason? The fact that the temple forms an official part of the northern route, of the popular route as a designated and recommended pilgrimage stop.

Of all the elements linked to the religious path, the Pilgrims’ Gate and it’s twenty plus altars stand out.

A cloister touched by the magic of nature

One of the most fascinating things about the Cathedral of Lord Santiago de Bilbao is its cloister. A truly special place where the peace and magic of nature reigns. Its interior garden with countless trees and flowers make the outside area of ​​the temple a liturgical oasis in the heart of Bilbao.


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