Discovering L’umbracle, the most beautiful urban garden in Valencia

Discovering L’umbracle, the most beautiful urban garden in Valencia

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Although when travelling we all (or almost all of us) visit the most famous and relevant points of interest in a destination. Although the fact is that it is becoming more and more common to explore and get to know the areas frequented by the locals and that tourists are not aware of.

Of the many famous “corners to discover” in this country, today Valencia is our destination to focus on. A city that has many charming streets and squares and where there are also many great facilities like those that come alive at the heart of the City of Arts and the Sciences of Santiago Calatrava.

Although there are several pavilions big and small, today our focus lies in the garden of the Umbracle, one of the most beautiful and charming in the city. A place with thousands of square meters that you can get to in 15 minutes if you start from one of our urban hotels in Valencia (be it Petit Palace Bristol or Petit Palace Germanías).

Walking through the Umbracle gardens is something like finding yourself facing a vertical garden in the capital. An oasis of peace located in the area above the City of Arts and Sciences where there are plenty of walks, gardens and ponds and it will give you unique panoramic views of the capital.

Nature and design

One of the things that attracts the most attention in the whole garden of Umbracle is its natural wealth. In its 17,500 square meters not only can you observe the most outstanding species of Mediterranean flora but also enjoy countless tropical species with a multitude of colours.

If in addition to enjoying the nature you seek to recreate the most avant-garde design you are in luck. In the visit to the Umbracle gardens you can enjoy the beautiful Paseo del Arte, a charming area full of contemporary sculptures that you can access without needing to pay an entrance fee.

The ideal spot for an important event

Beyond enjoying its natural and artistic virtues, the Umbracle is the favourite spot for the big companies to celebrate their annual meetings and the desired place by locals for the celebration of the most select weddings or standout events. It is a place, besides from being strategically located, that is known for its exclusivity and its distinction.


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