Discovering the pearl of Bilbao, the Gexto seabed

Discovering the pearl of Bilbao, the Gexto seabed

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Just a few weeks ago we talked about the natural magic of Getxo, Bilbao’s most important and popular coastal town. Well, this September we wanted to focus on an activity only suitable for travelers who aren’t afraid of cold northern waters: How about enjoying a morning discovering the Vizcaya seabed?

Although it is only 14 kilometers from the Petit Palace Arana to Getxo beach, we recommend that you think about planning this experience in case you have chosen the hotel Petit Palace Tamarises as your place to stay. In this location you will not only be a few metres away from the diving areas but you can enjoy a good shower and a change of clothes as soon as you’ve come out of the water.

Always in the hands of an expert

The temperature of the water and the many currents coming and going along the coast of Getxo are two of the factors that make it crucial that you are supervised by an expert whilst you enjoy your undersea experience.

The best option is to visit one of the many diving clubs that can be found by the promenade or by the beach itself. To discover which ones stand out in particular, take note of the ones that receive the best ratings among Internet users:

  • Itxas Dive, ideal for divers with some experience.
  • Divertek, expert in creating unique underwater experiences on your first dive.
  • Nervión Sub, a club specializing in baptisms and underwater fishing.

What is the North Sea seabed like?

Far from being turquiose and warm like the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, those of Vizcaya are moving waters, cold and of an intense blue; a deep dark blue colour capable of generating a unique totally involving, underwater atmosphere for everyone who experiences a first undersea dive.

Famous for its seaweed forests (something very typical of the Cantabrian Seabed), in a dive along the coast of Getxo not only can we enjoy the remains of sunken fishing boats but we will see a large number of coloured corals, of large fish and of underwater rocks like a space landscape.

If you finally convince youself to enjoy an underwater tour through the waters of Vizcaya choose the times between 10 and 12 in the morning as that is when the water temperature is kinder.


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