Discovering the Sagardoa, the Basque Country cider

Discovering the Sagardoa, the Basque Country cider

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In the same way that we usually think of the small towns of Jabugo (Huelva) and Guijuelo (Salamanca) when we talk about high quality ham or La Rioja when it comes to wine tasting, Like the majority of people we think about Asturias, when they talk about cider. However did you know that like Asturias, País Vasco has a cider that is famous around the world?

Although less known throughout the country, the natural cider is one of those products with an origin that – with a production exceeding 13 million litres they can be proud of. A broth that has the apple as the main ingredient and that we recommend Petit Palace (especially if you have chosen the Petit Palace Arana or Petit Palace Tamarises).

 The authentic taste of the Sagardoa

La Sagardoa (the name which the cider from the Basque country has received) is a broth that has been refined in the traditional way for many (many) years. Its identity card? It is  one hundred percent natural and the bottling process does not use sugar or carbon dioxide. Pure flavour from the field to the table.

Although it has no added gas (yes it contains some naturally), Basque Country cider (la Sagardoa) has a much higher alcohol content than those from other communities like Asturias.

 The Txotx tradition

From December to May the Txotx takes place. A Basque tradition that unites the tasting of the new cider with gastronomy. This involves meetings with large tables full of fried cod, ribs and a mixture of cheeses, walnuts and quince. Although the majority of breweries adhere to these months for the celebration of the Txotx, such is the demand at these events that more and more the cider houses remain open all year round.

 Route of the Basque cider

If you love cider and it’s your first time in Basque Country, you can not miss some of the most interesting parts of the Basque Cider Route. A tour with the apple based drink as the main protagonist that will bring you to many traditional parts of the community.

Although there are many routes to choose from, we recommend that you do not miss out on Zerain, Oiharte or Petritegi as they are of high cultural interest.


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