Dishes that you should eat if you visit to Salamanca

Dishes that you should eat if you visit to Salamanca

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Salamanca is a beautiful city with a rich gastronomic and cultural life. The whole province is famous for exporting sausages and meats of the highest quality, but this Castilian city is also known for its traditional recipes, succulent as the farinato or meneas potatoes. Read this post carefully because it is a small guide to products and dishes that you must try if you are visiting Salamanca.

Salamanca offers a range of products with designation of origin that you should try (and take home) if you have the chance to travel to the city. Their sausages and meats are famous and, most especially, the Iberian ham from Guijuelo and the veal meat from Morucha, both with designation of origin to ensure its quality and origin.

It is also famous in the area the production of the lentils of Armuña, which is distinguished from the common lentil for its traditional flavour and because it does not lose its skin when cooked. Their quality and flavour will make your dishes extra tasteful.

Salamanca also has the wine designation of origin “Arribes”, which is the guarantee that these wines are made with grapes from the Duero River and the grounds of Salamanca and Zamora. From the red and white grapes harvested in the region, an excellent wine is produced that will delight the most demanding palates.

On the other hand, traditional Salamancan gastronomy has among its cultural heritage, extraordinary recipes that have been kept for many years and that should be tried by every person that visits the city. Among its most traditional recipes you find the farinato, a sausage made with pigs fat, breadcrumbs, olive oil and several condiments like anise. It is served with fried eggs on top, culminating this filling and tasty dish.

The hornazo is another of those traditional recipes, very popular at tea time or for outdoor excursions. It is a pie with very dry dough that is filled with meat, chorizo, ham and hard eggs. You must also try chanfaina, an elaborated dish consisting of bits of chorizo and meat. A total delight.

In any restaurant that serves traditional Salamanca food you will also find the famous potatoes meneas, a potatoes pure slowly elaborated with garlic and paprika to which slaughter or matanzas products are incorporated. There are also many other meat dishes that are typical of Salamanca, such as the calderillo, a dish made with potatoes and meat, and the roasted suckling pig.

After feasting on any of these dishes, the perfect finale is to try some of the traditional dishes, such as the chochos, that are pastries with anise, or a maimon bun, which is a delicious cake.

If you’re traveling to Salamanca to try its traditional cuisine we recommend that you stay at the Petit Palace Las Torres de Salamanca Hotel, steps away from the Salamanca’s tapas area and from the main points of interest, such as the Casa de las Conchas.

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