El Arenal, a perfect neighborhood to have tapas in Seville at night

El Arenal, a perfect neighborhood to have tapas in Seville at night

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Going to Seville and not experiencing the magic of the Guadalquivir is something like going to New York and not visiting the Empire State. Pure essence of Seville’s capital and an indivisible part of the Sevillian idiosyncrasy, the Guadalquivir is more than just a mass of water that separates the Torre del Oro from the district of Triana, and it is the place where unique neighbourhoods take shape in which you can enjoy local art, in neighbourhoods like El Arenal.

Although it comes alive when the sun reaches its highest point, the district of El Arenal is an area that looks especially charming when the sun goes down, hence it is the centre point of good wine, beer with Andalusian flavor and the best variety of tapas. Are you thinking about giving yourself a few days of rest and disconnection in the Andalusian capital? Take note because today we go for beers in the evening in the most enchanting neighbourhood of the city.

The Coloniales

Located less than five minutes walk from the Petit Palace Santa Cruz, Los Coloniales in the El Arenal neighbourhood is one of the best places to try exactly what Sevillian cuisine is like. A restaurant with 5 floors which is always full but there is always a table just for you.

Beyond the legion of faithful who come to their restaurant to savor their port tenderloin, their fresh squid and their toasts with salmorejo and ham, the place is famous for the friendliness of it’s waiters and staff members that will make you feel at home.

The International Brewery

Seville is the land of beers and this is somewhat down to the popular International Brewery. A beer bar where you can find types coming from all over the world and you can make your way there in less than ten minutes, if you start at our Petit Palace Canalejas Sevilla hotel .

Authentic Seville in the Casa Pepe Hillo

The proximity of the El Arenal neighborhood to the Real Maestranza de Sevilla (the most important bullring in the world) means many of the restaurants offer dishes prepared with one of the most important ingredients of the capital: bull meat. Of all the places in which you can find this delicacy that fascinates the locals, the mythical House Pepe Hillo is by far the best.

A place located about five minutes walk from our Petit Palace Marqués Santa Ana hotel in which you will also find a large wine list.


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