El Retiro, an oasis for you to enjoy with children in Madrid

El Retiro, an oasis for you to enjoy with children in Madrid

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The Buen Retiro Park in Madrid is not only a must visit place, but also a fabulous plan for any season of the year, specially if you are travelling with children to this green lung of Madrid, where you will find many activities ideal for both adults and children.

For example, the Permanent Puppet Theatre of El Retiro organises every weekend puppet shows on a stage located in the open air with which children learn to appreciate this art and get into contact with nature. Besides, the Tiritilandia Festival is hold on July and August, with the participation of some of the best puppet companies of the country.

Another of the plans for families in El Retiro is going on a boat tour around the lake. You can rent a small boat at an affordable price and enjoy the surroundings from the water and have a pleasant day. Another option is getting on the tourist boat, quite frequented by families and students.

Children also love stopping by the paths of the park to contemplate the many artists that show their skills there every day. Puppet masters, actors, clowns, musicians, jugglers, mime artists… Every corner of the park hides a surprise that will make children laugh and have a great time.

Parque del Buen Retiro

El Retiro Park, Madrid

Besides, different music shows for children are organised in El Retiro throughout the year. These shows are always a great success and make all the family dance. If you love music, the Municipal Symphony Orchestra of Madrid plays every Sunday morning in the music temple of the facilities of El Retiro.

If you have time, another of the best plans in El Retiro is enjoying a picnic in some of the grass areas. Sharing a meal with your family in the open air, with a natural and versatile surrounding is a plan nobody should miss.

Of course, the park is full of playgrounds, children’s and green areas kids will love. Besides, the park has another tourist attraction, the the Artificial Mountain, whose dome is worth visiting to see the waterfalls from different heights.

These are just some of the many plans you can make in El Retiro park, a fabulous place for families. And for you to visit this place with all the necessary amenities, we recommend you stay in some of the Petit Palace Hotels in Madrid

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