Enjoy your passion for two wheels and discover the routes around Bilbao

Enjoy your passion for two wheels and discover the routes around Bilbao

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When the month of September arrives and temperatures drop slightly, the practice of sports converts into the perfect option. There is no better plan than to treat yourself to a session of running, trail or bicycle. A destination and a sport for those going on holiday?

How about Bilbao by bicycle?

The Basque capital is one of nature’s finest jewels. There is no better place in the whole of Spain where you can enjoy cycling as much because apart from helping you to keep fit, here you can enjoy unique views and beautiful scenery. For all those bicycle lovers who have decided to discover Bilbao, we have prepared an itinerary of the most recommended routes of the city.

The Ria on two wheels

Apart from the monuments and the gastronomy, 80% of the essence of Bilbao is the river and there is nothing better than to convert it into the star route of the city. A route that is wide, extensive and flat where you can enjoy the view of the most highlighted places in the city.

Due to the fact that access to this zone of the city is very easy (because it is the lung of Bilbao), to get there will not take more than 15 minutes (only if you take as your point of departure the hotel Petit Palace Arana Bilbao or the hotel Petit Palace Tamarises)

Visit the heart of the city 

The historic centre of Bilbao is another of the recommended routes for bicycle lovers; a perfect option if you also choose the free bicycles that Petit Palace Arana Bilbao put at the disposition of their clients. Enjoy the magic of the Guggenheim Museum or have a rest in between stages, in the beautiful, cool Doña Casilda Parque which are two of the most attractive places if you decide on this route.

From mountain to mountain

Bilbao is an ideal destination for lovers of cycling who prefer more intense tours and as everybody knows there is the mountainous areas, the tours, the beauty and numerous possibilities. How about starting at the Kobetamendi? Although the route is quite difficult, it is an ascent to take calmly and which you can complete in a few hours.

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