Experience the Christmas holidays flamenco style in Seville

Experience the Christmas holidays flamenco style in Seville

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There are a million and one ways to experience the Christmas holidays: you celebrate them with parties with the family, friends, as a couple, by traveling the world, on the beach, or whichever way you prefer. All of them are perfectly good ways to celebrate with the final goal being to enjoy and take advantage of those few days of vacation that we have on the national calendar.

Although white Christmases or Christmases abroad always feel great, this year we want to suggest to you an original and very authentic plan for some flamenco style holidays. Where? In Seville, of course. Beauty even during the cold months of winter, the Hispanic capital lights up enchantingly, especially for these days. Mostly thanks to its Christmassy ambience, itself and spirit, spending some day in its domain is highly recommended. Are you having a flamenco Christmas holiday?

Christmas Eve in the Santa Cruz neighborhood

With its natural charm and intense history, the neighborhood of Santa Cruz is the perfect place for an exceptional Christmas Eve dinner. While the option to go for some tapas always works, what is really enjoyable on this day is a special dinner. If this is your idea, we have the best plan: a dinner at the San Marcos Restaurant.

Located in Mesón del Moro (less than 2 minutes walking from the Petit Palace Marqués Santa Ana and even fewer from the Hotel Petit Palace Santa Cruz) this restaurant offers a unique quality (and affordable) in a truly exclusive and enchanting ambience. After dinner? A session of flamenco dance in the Casa de la Guitarra.

Experience Christmas Day on Betis Street

In Seville, the day of the 25th is most alive and – in a special way – on Betis Street. The other bank of the Guadalquivir offers us a route of tapas where you can try authentic treats like the whisky sirloin, the field calamari, or the pepito de palometa. If you use the Hotel Petit Palace Canalejas Sevilla as a starting part you will arrive at the Triana neighborhood in less than 15 minutes walking (even less if you go on one our complimentary bikes for guests).

New Year’s Even in Plaza Nueva

If you spend New Year’s Eve in Seville and you don’t have a plan, don’t be overwhelmed, as there are tons of Seville locals who are going to the bars and eating the grapes under the Town Hall clock. The “Plaza Nueva” (the area where it happens) besides being really beautiful also is less than 10 minutes walking from the La Alameda neighborhood, an area where you will find bars with drinks for every taste.


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