Festivities in Bilbao: Aste Nagusia

Festivities in Bilbao: Aste Nagusia

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Bilbao is finishing touches for its Semana Grande, known in Basque as the Bilboko Aste Nagusia, which will be celebrated between the 16th to the 23d of August. Nine days of holidays with concerts and all type of live shows.

Aste Nagustia was born in 1978 as a festivity specially devised for people from Bilbao. Their main aim was to organise a popular festivity that reflected the true character of Bilbao’s neighbours and that became a meeting point for celebration. Today this has become the most popular and most highly anticipated festivity in Bilbao.

This year the Semana Grande of Bilbao starts on the 16th of August with the traditional ‘txupinazo’, which will be launched at the Arriaga square after the reading of the proclamation. From then on Bilbao’s locals will be able to enjoy nine days of untiring party and a complete programme of events organised by Bilbao’s local government and the Komartsak.

As in previous years, the daily night concerts organised in the Abandorria stage, near the Guggenheim Museum, will be the centrepiece of the festivity. Los Planetas, Malú, Doctor Deseo, Russian Red, Korrontzi or Juan Zelada will be some of the artists and groups that will play in Bilbao. Artists such as the flamenco dancer Sara Baras or musicals such as Mecano are also included in the events programme.

Another of the most highly anticipated events of the programme of the Aste Nagusia are the night parties organised  in El Arenal from 23.00 pm onwards. Besides, night parties with djs and different musical bands will also be organised in La Pérgola.

And if you want to discover the typical music from Vizcaya we recommend you assist to any of the “bilbainadas”, interpreted by a different band every day in La Pérgola from 12.00 pm.

The emblematic Bilbarock building, located at the heart of the historic centre of Bilbao, will hold a local pop-rock exhibition with 121 groups from Bilbao.

And to complete the musical offer of the Aste Nagusia we also recommend you assist to the concerts of the programme “World Music”, which will be held every day in the Plaza Nueva square from 23.30 pm, or the classical music shows in the Encarnation, which start at 20.30 pm.

Apart from all these activities, the Europa Park will hold four concerts from Wednesday the 20th to Saturday the 23d, with Aste Nagusi Dance, Antonio Orozco, John Berkhout, Berry Txarrak, Sweet California and Carlos Jean.

The festivity programme concludes with the traditional fireworks, theatre shows, games and Basque sports exhibitions and many other activities that will make Bilbao’s streets come to life.

If you want to enjoy a pleasant stay during the Semana Grande of Bilbao we recommend you stay in some of the hotels of Petit Palace in Bilbao.

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