Get to know Bilbao’s five best viewpoints

Get to know Bilbao’s five best viewpoints

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If you are looking to escape the heat of the centre and south of the country, for sure you chose to holiday in Bilbao… a walk by the Ria (river), try the best “tapas” in the world, enjoy spending time with the family and the best feeling in the world, to go out at night wearing a jacket. The perfect choice.

Due to the fact that Petit Palace in Bilbao is more outstanding and remarkable, we have decided to go overboard to offer you the best Bilbao plans available (at the same time it is affordable) so much so that you will not be able to say no. How about if you enjoy the city from above, from some of the best viewpoints available? Take note because today we want to fill your backpack with unique panoramic views.

  1. Mirador de Artxander

Although it is on the outskirts of the old town of Bilbao, the Mirador de Artxanda is a place to go if you want to see the city as you have never seen it before. Located on one of the hills surrounding Bilbao, the “mirador” not only gives you unique views of the city but also of the Valley de Txorrierri, the original airport and the sea (although only on clear days).

  1. Puente la Salve

This is not actually a “mirador” but if you walk along the Puente La Salve (Bridge of La Salve) you will come to Bilbao’s River or Ria, one of the most vibrant and full of life areas of the city. If you have decided to make the base for your holiday in Bilbao, near to the Guggenheim Museum, we have some good news: the bridge is situated very close by.

  1. The Alhondiga Terrace

The most modern of these “miradores” is part of the Yandiola Restaurant, their Alhondiga terrace. Those who know the place say that from the Alhondiga you can touch the sky of Bilbao with your hands. The great atmosphere, excellent gastronomy, and unique views of the most attractive streets convert a normal cafe into one which is exceptional and with unrepeatable views.

  1. Solokoetxe Steps

Created to connect the old town of Bilbao to the district of Solokoetxe, the most famous steps in the whole of Bilbao offer a wonderful view of the city that you cannot miss. When you climb the numerous steps of Solokoetxe you will almost walk on the roof tiles and will see the Cathedral rising above them. In fact those who have lived this experience always return with a unique “selfie” under their arm.

  1. Etxebarria Park

What was originally the steel foundation which formed part of industrial Bilbao, has been converted into one of the most special “miradores” of the city. Either walking or in the lift make sure you visit the Etxenarria Park and the steel foundation. We can guarantee that the views from this zone are unrepeatable anywhere else.


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