Getting to know the most authentic customs of Barcelona

Getting to know the most authentic customs of Barcelona

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One of the things we like most about our country is how the customs can change from one community to another or even from one province to another. A perfect example is Barcelona. Although it shares customs and traditions with the rest of provinces in the Catalan community, Barcelona is special and different. This month we tell you some of the things that stand out:

A breakfast shouldn’t lack bread or tomato

Although the statement of “everyone to his own taste” applies to absolutely everything, the truth is that in Barcelona there is a maxim: what should never be missing from a breakfast in Barcelona – be it coffee, juice or chocolate to drink – are a few slices of ​​toast with tomato and oil.

The traditional ‘Pan Tumaca’ can be eaten on its own (with a little oil and salt) or with special accompaniments “on demand” with ingredients such as avocado, cheese, sausages and a list of etceteras. A rich gastronomic tradition that is not missing in the breakfasts of our hotels in Barcelona; the Petit Palace Museum is a clear example of this.

The Vermut, the best moment of the day

If you have chosen the Petit Palace Boquería Garden to enjoy a getaway and you have walked in the surroundings around 12 noon you will see that lots of the little bars offer tapas with a glass of homemade vermouth. This is a tradition that is taken advantage of on Saturdays (since it is a holiday for a large majority of people) and it’s an ideal way to get to know up close the best foods in Barcelona.

Although you can choose to have it on its own, in the little bars in the centre, the Vermut is usually taken with the traditional soda and a plate of olives or pickled chillies.

Visit the antique shops

Barcelona is considered one of the most elegant capitals in the world, a capital in which modernism joins hand in hand with that vintage chic style that can be found in the city centre shops. Yes, going to antique stores to rescue chairs, armchairs or dressers from another era is something young people love to do (especially those who to live alone or with roommates).

If you take the Petit Palace Barcelona as your starting point and you are heading to the Gothic Quarter you will find countless antique shops that are well worth a visit.


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