Gourmet “tapas” at Madrid’s San Miguel Market

Gourmet “tapas” at Madrid’s San Miguel Market

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Apart from the evidence that to visit Madrid any excuse is acceptable, Madrid is a wonderful place to enjoy the best of gastronomic tourism. From beer tasting in neighbourhoods such as Chamberi or “tapas” that you can try near to the Cebada Market (in the neighbourhood of the Latina), the reality is that Madrid lends itself to ease your hunger with high quality products at an excellent price.

However, although the traditional bars and restaurants have a reputation that remains intact, Madrid also has a renovated gastronomic offer at the San Miguel Market as the prime example of this new wave of lovers of good food.

Taking as the point of departure Madrid’s Gran Via, where you will find the hotel Petit Palace Triball, the San Miguel Market is just 15 minutes walk away, taking the route towards the famous Plaza Mayor. Equally famous with locals and tourists, the market is a shrine for gourmet tapas. What are the most popular? Take note because they are famous for their quality, price and because they use traditional recipes:

The legendary omelette

Without a doubt there is one tapa that you must try during a visit to Madrid and that is a piece of omelette. This is elaborated over a slow heat without onion (yes that’s right) and is available at practically all the stalls in the Market.

Lamb meatballs with yoghourt and harissa sauce

Using top ingredients such as harissa (a spicy red coloured sauce), the restaurant Raza Nostra has as its star dish, meatballs of lamb with yoghourt and harissa sauce. A really exquisite taste for palates that are looking for authentic textures and new flavours such as the mixture of yoghourt with harissa.

Oysters in champagne

Although we can discuss gourmet tapas without entering into too much detail, there is nothing more gourmet than a plate of oysters in champagne. With the oyster as the principal product, Ostras Daniel Sorlut is a temple for those who are looking for this product with maximum freshness and quality.

With a full stomach and before enjoying a well deserved “siesta” at the Petit Palace Triball in Madrid there is nothing better than coffee or tea at one of the many coffee shops that you will find in the Gran Via or why not treat yourself to an express shopping spree at some of the leading shops.

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