Health tourism in Barcelona

Health tourism in Barcelona

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Medical tourism, as it is called, is a market segment that is gaining strength year after year in Spain, especially in cities like Barcelona, which can boast of having a network of private healthcare centres, with an international reputation.

The concept of medical tourism is understood as those people from other countries who travel to Spain to receive medical treatment. In recent years, several public and private organisations, belonging to the tourism and health industries, have understood the potential of this type of tourism.

What drives these people to come to Barcelona to receive medical treatment is usually the expectation of receiving a service of great quality at the hands of internationally reputed professionals. The price for these services in Spain seems to be more competitive than in their home countries, or other countries of the European Union.

The country of origin of these tourists is usually France, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Russia and the UAE. On the other hand, the most demanded specialties from foreign patients are those of fertility treatments, ophthalmology, obstetrics, plastic surgery, oncology or cardiology, among others.

Barcelona created some years ago, an organisation that has as its main objective the promotion of the Catalan capital as a destination reference for health tourism. It is called the Barcelona Centre Medic, which is made up by roughly a dozen private clinics and hospitals with some of the best doctors in Spain.

There are also a large number of Spas and resorts, which are a great complement and are usually demanded by this type of travellers.

The Health Tourism Cluster (Spaincares) works to promote this model of tourism, which aims to generate the amount of 500 million euros this year in the whole of Spain. These perspectives are a clear evidence of the importance for the tourism and health tourism industries, which caters for thousands of patients every year.

If you are traveling to the capital of Catalonia to receive medical treatment, we recommend that you stay at any of Petit Palace hotels in Barcelona where you’ll find a relaxed and quiet atmosphere from where to enjoy your trip.

In addition, the Petit Palace has hotels in different parts of the city, from which you can comfortably visit the main tourist attractions in Barcelona, such as the Paseo de Gracia or the Gothic Neighbourhood.

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