Hotels for those travelling for health reasons to Madrid

Hotels for those travelling for health reasons to Madrid

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Health tourism is one of the business segments that is experiencing an increase in trend in recent years. This type of tourists, often travels to a destination to undergo a specific type of surgery, receive treatment or enjoy wellness and spa services. Gradually, both the private health industry as well as the tourism industry, have realised the potential of this type of client, which spends between 6 and 10 times more than a conventional tourist.

The statistics presented at the latest International Tourism Fair in Madrid (FITUR), show that this segment has a growth potential of 20%, and it is expected that this year it could reach in Spain to about 277 million euros turnover, which could eventually be increased to more than 600 million euros in 2019.

These figures are very attractive for a country whose main industry is tourism and, aware of this, cities such as Madrid and Barcelona are taking advantage of the trend, its tourist and health resources to attract this profile of tourist.

Madrid is one of the cities with the best position to attract those tourists that travel to a destination for health reasons. The capital of Spanish has some of the best private clinics and public hospitals, with renowned specialists and researchers.

Another advantage is that healthcare in Spain offers cheaper rates than those in neighbouring countries, and the quality is extremely high. The perfect combination, and the main reason why people decide to travel to Madrid to undergo medical treatment.

It is also important to mention that Madrid has excellent connections by air with countries all over the world, making it easier to travel here. In addition, there are agencies that are responsible for the overall organisation of the visit so that the patient does not have to worry about anything.

The capital also has a large number of quality hotels, capable of providing the necessary attention that this type of tourist needs, where comfort and detail to services cannot be spared. Petit Palace has hotels located in the centre of Madrid, close to the most important clinics and hospitals and where guests can enjoy a comfortable stay with a personalised attention and guarantees.

Besides having hotels in Madrid for long stays near hospitals and spas, the hotel chain has other hotels in privileged locations, steps away from the main leisure and cultural areas of the city, that allow visitors to complement their visit and enjoy the destination.

If you are traveling to the Spanish capital to receive medical treatment, we recommend that you stay at one of Petit Palace’s ideally located hotels and just steps away from the main tourist attractions, such as Madrid’s Plaza Mayor.

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