In search of the perfect night in Bilbao. Routes and plans

In search of the perfect night in Bilbao. Routes and plans

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Unlike the cities in southern Spain where the pace of life slows in late autumn (except Granada and Jaen), north of the peninsula there is a new lease of life with the fall of the thermometers and Bilbao would be the best example of this.

Accustomed to cool temperatures almost all year round, the Basque capital comes alive in these months and it shows it in its bars, its theaters and shopping streets, both day and night. Given that there are many things to do during the daytime, the Petit Palace suggest that today you experience Bilbao at night. Do you fancy it?

Start with a walk along the river

We can begin this late night tour of Bilbao in the estuary. Enjoy the sunset in this beautiful and authentically Bilbao environment that is ideal to say goodbye to the day and give way to night. Wrap up warm because the Ria de Bilbao can be cold and damp this time of year. Our advice? Take advantage of the “blue hour” and take pictures of the location.

 Fill the stomach with a combo of pintxos

One of the things I love Bilbao is its cuisine. Culinary specialties that are as good as any dish from Madrid or Valencia. Our favorite option? The pintxos … exquisite and varied pintxos. Why not finish the tour of the Ria with a pintxos based gastronomic homage?

If you take as its starting point the hotel Petit Palace Arana Bilbao you will find plenty of tapas bars, especially in 7 Calles and Plaza Nueva. And while the temptation is to opt for a single place, the best idea is to go from bar to bar trying all the pintxos in order to get to know the authentic Bilbao.

 A gold pin with music

With a full stomach and having seen much of Bilbao we propose a plan to end the night that I am sure you will love: leave the wine for another day (or for your companion), take a car or bus and travel the 15 kilometers from Bilbao Getxo.

In addition to being beautiful and authentic, this zone next to the sea is perfect to enjoy the night and the many cocktail bars and pubs located here. If you also stay at the hotel Petit Palace Tamarises you will be lucky enough to be in the best area of ​​the town.

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