La Choza de Manuela (Manuela’s Hut), much more than a place to eat

La Choza de Manuela (Manuela’s Hut), much more than a place to eat

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You are visiting Seville, you’ve totally completed a tour of the monuments, museums and highlighted sights marked in any city guide, you cross off each and every one of the city centre restaurants but you are left wanting more and when you ask the locals, lots of them say that “there is a place on the outskirts of the city where dining is much more than just eating, it is an experience”. It’s called ‘La Choza de Manuela” (Manuela’s hut) and it is located in Bormujos, just at the beginning of the road that links the Seville capital with the province of Huelva.

Taking as our starting point our hotels in the centre of the capital – Petit Palace Santa Cruz, Petit Palace Marqués Santa Ana and Petit Palace Canalejas Seville – to get to the Choza de Manuela would not take you more than twenty minutes since there is a metro line that takes you to within a few metres of the restaurant in question.

Once you are there, La Choza de Manuela appears to the visitor as a huge wooden and straw hut with more than thirty tables and large hobs and grills on which meat is roasted and prepared to suit the taste of the consumer. It is traditional to get to the restaurant before the rush hour and choose the pieces of meat that you like the most and then decide how you want to enjoy them: fried, baked, grilled, etc.

La Choza de Manuela

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Specialties you can’t fail to try

Considered to be a sensation (since it offers the best value for money in all of the province of Seville), Manuela’s Hut offers several recipes that “they know how to do in a way that they don’t know how to do anywhere else”.

Exquisite dishes concocted in the traditional way (just like the mothers and grandmothers of Seville used to make) that you can’t resist trying. The most outstanding of these is the famous churrascos (chicken, beef or pork), skewers of meat and vegetables, mojo picón sauce and chickpea and bean stews.

Curiosities full of local folklore

Something that not everyone knows when they come to dine at La Choza de Manuela is that the restaurant is a passing place for pilgrims who go to visit the village of Rocío (base camp of the venerated Virgen del Rocio).

Although there is usually a smattering of pilgrims (although not large numbers), during the month of May the place becomes an authentic pilgrimage highway to celebrate Pentecost and to witness the traditional ” salta de la reja” carried to the finish by the followers.


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