EDP II Madrid Women’s Half Marathon

EDP II Madrid Women’s Half Marathon

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Are you a woman, are you a runner and are you going to be in Madrid next October 29th? If you have answered a resounding “yes” to these three questions, you certainly have an appointment with the EDP II Madrid Women’s Half Marathon.

As if participating in a high calibre women’s race wasn’t enough to get your attention, we confirm that you will be less than 10 minutes away from the main places of the tour if you take as a starting point some of our hotels in Madrid. The best connected with this sporting event are the hotels Petit Palace Plaza del Carmen, the Petit Palace Opera and Petit Palace Tres Cruces.

Route basics

The II EDP Women’s Half Marathon will take place in Madrid on October 23rd and will start in the early hours of the morning (08.30 am, to be more exact) at its starting line: Paseo del Prado at the top of the popular Plaza de Pizarro (exactly, next to the highly recommended Prado Museum).

Once the start is made effective, the organizers will give participants a maximum of three hours to cover the 21 kilometres marked in the half marathon. Although the finish line will be located on Paseo Chopera, the runners will pass really lovely points like Cibeles, Colón, Puerta de Alcalá, Gran Vía or the mythical Puerta del Sol.

If this is your first time in Madrid, please follow this advice

When we visit Madrid as a tourist we often make the comment that, “as the capital is almost flat, it is great to go on foot everywhere”. If this is your case, here goes our running advice of the month: do not underestimate the capital’s straight lines since they can go on forever and become hard if you don’t look after your strength well.

The good thing about the slopes is that it is relatively easy to see the end of them and there is always a high point – which you can see in most cases – so you know when the difficult part is about to end. However you are not always aware of the “point and end” in the straights and in Madrid the straight lines are very long.

Since the longest avenues in Madrid (those that add several kilometres) are preferred by the organizers of official races, our advice is that you eek out your strength well so that the route does not become too much for you. The ideal is to go slowly, drink a little water (that is necessary) and try not to look at the horizon too much.


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