Magic, style and history: a route through Getxo

Magic, style and history: a route through Getxo

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Just a month and a half ago, the newspaper El País defined Getxo as a place to enjoy “the good life next to the river.” A place bathed by the waters of the Bay of Biscay full of splendid natural landscapes and a history with the upper class Basque Country as protagonists. Getxo is full of majesty, is nature in its purest state and is a place to lose oneself. The best part is being able to have a luxury hotel like the beautiful Petit Palace Tamarises.

Located just under fifteen kilometres from the centre of Bilbao (and thus our hotel Petit Palace Arana), Getxo is perfectly situated between the Bilbao estuary (see right) and the mouth of the Nervion River. This gives the place a special character in which nature and industrial tradition go hand by hand in perfect harmony.

From where the upper class reside to a fishermen’s area

It was its location that, back in the industrialization era, made the city a perfect place for the Basque Country bourgeoisie to build their residences. This fact is reflected in the large number of palaces and residential mansions that make up the area.

Whilst these last century properties are strikingly beautiful, the fact is that nothing is comparable to that authentic village touch that seafaring tradition brings to this area that stands out on the Basque Country map. The greatest exponent of the sea faring life in Getxo is the beautiful and bucolic Algorta neighbourhood.

In addition to enjoying its cliffs and its gourmet foods (something that is repeated in the whole of Bilbao), there are a series of tourist highlights of extreme beauty that you can’t miss in a visit to Getxo. What are the two most outstanding?

  1. The suspension bridge

This bridge (the one of Portugalete or Bizkaia) that many think belongs to Bilbao, also belongs to Getxo since it was constructed to unite both borders. This bridge offers fabulous photographic opportunities worthy of review and continues to operate thanks to its mobile platforms.

  1. The marina

Our recommendation is to wait for nightfall, to be in the highest point in the area and to enjoy all its magic. Getxo marina is maddeningly pretty, full of boats of different sizes and with a unique natural environment. The place is ideal for those who want to treat themselves to a romantic dinner with a view or go for a walk to the sound of gentle sea breezes.


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