Malaga gets into “summer foods”

Malaga gets into “summer foods”

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Because it is so hot and because our way of living changes, it is certainly true that in the summer our gastronomic appetites change, to the point of giving up hot dishes in favour of nutritious liquids, soft drinks and juices and, of course, cold foods such as salads.

From all the areas of our geography that change into “summer” mode, it is Malaga that does it in a masterly fashion. To put it another way: Malaga summer gastronomy is a true festival of taste, freshness and texture. If you have chosen the Malaga capital to enjoy a few days of relaxation in the Petit Palace Plaza Malaga and want to try some of these delicacies, then take note that now in the Petit Palace we put ourselves in the Andalusian kitchens of Malaga.

The Malaga salad

Although a lot of people think that this resembles the popular “alinas potatoes” of Cadiz, there is no mistake: the Malaga salad has its own substance and a totally different recipe though it still has potatoes as its base.

A cold potato salad to which are added Alorean olives (typical of the area), bits of crumbled, dried cod, orange zest and a good drizzle of olive oil. The master touch is to accompany it with a few “piquitos” (bread sticks) and a can of very cold San Miguel.

Aubergines with honey

Although the aubergines used in this recipe are fried (to create the rich, crunchy batter that we all love), the dish is served after several minutes have passed and the heat of the fryer starts to cool. The key to eating them is to lace them with a little honey to accompany each piece of aubergine as you put it in your mouth.


Similar to the ‘salmorejo’ from Cordoba, the Antequera porra (or porra antequerana) is another of those delicacies that in summer enables you to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen. This “thick cold soup” is made with ground tomato, olive oil, a little salt, garlic and hard bread (which we will soak a few hours before).

Once made, it is finished with a few pieces of ham and a little hard-boiled egg or tuna. If you want to add a little more, serve it with a couple of slices of toasted bread. We can guarantee that you will delight your dinner guests.


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