Malaga’s Botanical Garden, a place to dream

Malaga’s Botanical Garden, a place to dream

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Not withstanding the autumn storms that have been sweeping the peninsula since mid-September, Málaga has become one of the star destinations in months like October. This place that is one of the most beautiful and precious pearls in Andalusia is also a place where young and old can enjoy both rest and leisure equally.

Its amusement parks, its beach bars full of sardines on skewers its warm and charming character combine with the most natural environmental features of the province. These beautiful features are its beaches, its mountains and its places of great interest such as the Historical Botanical Garden La Concepción, a place that we at the Petit Palace love.

A unique place in Europe

As well as enjoying the rest and relaxation plus the Petit Palace Plaza Malaga hotel’s exclusive breakfasts, visits to places such as the historic Botanical Garden La Concepcion is almost a must. This is because it is one of the few European gardens where you can find plants of subtropical origin.

With a noticeably English style (since it was designed personally by the Marquises of Loring) the botanical garden, which is located about 20 minutes from the Petit Palace Plaza Málaga, is a place to take thousands of photos and to enjoy the calm more than anything. It comprises 23 hectares full of fountains, waterfalls and small English style palaces that make the visit a unique experience.

Focusing on their species (and although we have already said there are many of subtropical origin), the garden accommodates more than 25,000 types of plants of two thousand different species. The most popular are, by a long shot, its palm trees, native plants and tropical species (the latter for their shape and colour).

Art, another fundamental point

Though it may seem that the importance of the garden is to be found in its plants, the truth is that its importance goes much further. Did you know that the botanical garden has numerous works of high calibre art? Indeed this collection (declared of Cultural Interest in 1943) is home to unique pieces such as the beautiful stone sculpture made by Paco Durrio and entitled “Ninfa”.

The interior of its Casa-Palacio is another of the most important artistic places in the Historical Botanical Garden La Concepción and the style of the nobility of the past is represented with great taste, with decorative pieces and original 18th century furniture.


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