Mantoncillo shawls and corals, two feminine musts, Sevillian style

Mantoncillo shawls and corals, two feminine musts, Sevillian style

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Few people love their traditions and style as much as the inhabitants of Seville. Yes, a good Sevillano knows how to dance the sevillanas, but prefers Cruzcampo beer on tap, visits the shrines (even if it’s only every now and then) and has a passion for the classic complements. For men that’s sombrero hats and for women mantoncillo shawls and coral accessories, our protagonists this week.

Whether you’re looking for a gift or want to style yourself Sevillian (they go just as well with jeans as a cocktail dress), these two Sevillian accessories can be found in most shops in the city. Are you thinking about taking a trip to Seville and like the idea of buying some of these  accessories to take home with you? Take note, because these are the areas where you will find the most beautiful and authentic ones.

Barrio de Santa Cruz

Apart from being one of the main parts of the city, Santa Cruz is a reference point when it comes to shopping and it’s here, on these streets, that you will be able to find unique items made by artisans from the city. If you choose our Petit Palace Santa Cruz hotel as a starting point you will be less than two streets from these shops, where you can find embroidered shawls and earrings engraved by hand.

Calle Tetuán and Sierpes

Twin streets full of life where you can find basically anything: the streets Tetuán and Sierpes, are the most famous streets in Seville. Located a 10 minutes’ walk from Petit Palace Marqués Santa Ana hotel, both streets feature shops with embroidered shawls in a thousand and one colours and sizes as well as coral accessories in the form of earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

If you are staying more than a week in this beautiful city you can even ask for a piece to be custom made for you – a perfect gift and a truly unique accessory for your loved one.

Plaza de la Encarnación

Although it’s well known by the locals, the Plaza de la Encarnación is seen as a mere thoroughfare by a majority of tourists. Which is a mistake. Apart from hosting the Metropol Parasol (also known as ‘the Mushrooms’), the square – located less than a kilometre from Petit Palace Canalejas Sevilla hotel – also has small, almost secret alleyways where you will find traditional shops with products that are one hundred per cent Sevillian, and for sale at a good price as well.


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