New Year’s Eve in Madrid? We bring you the ultimate route through the capital

New Year’s Eve in Madrid? We bring you the ultimate route through the capital

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The official countdown begins for the most beautiful, special and fun night of the year. New Year’s Eve is close to getting started and it’s convenient to choose where to celebrate it. Try to have the routes clear so that the night does not become a fiasco of “going from one place to another” without direction and without ideas.

Since more and more people are encouraging you to spend New Year’s Eve away from home, opting for destinations like Madrid, this month we decided to give you some keys to spending the night perfectly with all the innate magic of the Spanish capital.

Reserve your dinner in advance

Although Madrid is big and offers a hundred places to enjoy New Year’s Eve dinner, it’s not advisable to take a risk or leave the reservation for the last minute. Our recommendation? Choose the restaurant in time and study the location well (something that is recommended for all those who have decided to welcome the year 2017 under the clock of the Puerta del Sol).

Although popular for being a tapas area, in the neighborhood of La Latina you will find restaurants offering year-end menus at a good price and charming places where you can enjoy a romantic dinner (as a couple) or for fun (if you are traveling with friends or family).

The 12 grapes in the Puerta del Sol

A few meters from the Petit Palace Cliper Gran Via and the Petit Palace Arenal is the Puerta del Sol, the best-known place in our country and our personal Times Square … and there are few things comparable to eating the 12 grapes for good luck in this location.

Of course, if it’s the first time that you are going to have this experience you must take into account that (for security reasons) there is a specific capacity limit so leave ahead of time. When you go, don’t forget to wear a good coat and a kit of accessories such as a hat, wool gloves and a scarf because… the cold nights are common in Madrid.

In search of the perfect establishment

Already in the New Year hours, it is time to decide whether the night has come to an end (something that is quite normal if you have young children) or if the night is just beginning. For those who want to enjoy the first few hours of the New Year there is nothing better than to head to Gran Via.

At this point, and very close to our hotel Petit Palace Triball, you will find the most iconic establishments (like Sala Kapital) with really glamorous and fun parties.


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