Our Petit Palace breakfasts are created with the Carla Zaplana the philosophy of “Eat Clean”

Our Petit Palace breakfasts are created with the Carla Zaplana the philosophy of “Eat Clean”

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Contrary to what one might think, the key to “eating well” does not lie in the amount but in the quality and in our restraint of all that we eat.

To eat well is not to just eat salads or to gorge on the proteins that the body needs, nor is it to say “yes” to eat all the possible foods that we find at the free buffet. Where is the secret? Simple: in order, in the quality of products and, above all, in the balance between what we like and what we really need. That’s where the success of good nutrition lies.

Although all are important, breakfast is the meal time that monopolises most our focus and our interest. That first meal of the day is crucial to maintaining good health and we now present the name #HealthyByPetitPalace thanks to our collaboration with Carla Zaplana, a nutrition expert and one of the most followed and respected bloggers in our country. Now, in addition to having breakfast well, our guests will enjoy the experience of “eating clean”.

Aware that our guests spend a lot of time outside our facilities (either for leisure or work), at Petit Palace we are providing a quality breakfast full of fresh products and local flavours. Of course, why not offer something unique? Why not make our breakfast a healthy experience and full of flavor?

The Importance of Offering a Perfect Breakfast

To answer these questions and find the balance we talked about earlier, we decided to start the year with the bio dietician Carla Zaplana and her philosophy EAT CLEAN. The chosen meal time? Breakfast, the most important of the day and also the most popular among guests at Petit Palace.

The result of this union is the  Petit Palace Healthy Breakfast by Carla Zaplana. A gastronomic space focussing on fresh produce and fresh vegetables, there is no place for dairy products, eggs, gluten and sugar. The idea is to purify the body and then nourish it with various products such as green juices, fresh fruits, salty crackers or toasts made with quinoa flour.

Objective? A super breakfast suitable for any type of customer (yes, also for those who suffer from intolerance or allergies to certain foods).

What if you turn off the alarm and sleep through breakfast? No problem! Since you can enjoy everything good from the Healthy Petit Palace by Carla Zaplana also in the form of brunch. Isn’t that great? The best way to start the day, either at first thing or in the mid morning.


The secret to make the most of the experience #HealthyByPetitPalace

Although there is still the feeling of “today I fancy this because…” is always there, there is nothing better than following the instructions of the expert to get the most out of this new experience created by Petit Palace and Carla Zaplana. So, while we can choose to eat only fruit or a toast, our expert recommended we follow the following regime each morning:

  1. Hydrate the body with flavored water (made with lemon or cucumber).
  2. Continue with a cold green juice. The key is to fill the body with vitamins and antioxidants.
  3. If we are to give the body extra energy, the next step will be a tea and the delicious SUPER-lattes of Petit Palace. Ours are made with fresh superfoods and do not contain added sugar.
  4. When it comes to eating, there is nothing better than starting with fresh fruits followed by a bowl of cereal with milk (those proposed by Carla Zaplana are gluten free).
  5. The toast and crackers will be the final piece of our mega breakfast and is that they are made with quinoa flour, much healthier and lighter. Ideal with “healthy” nocilla, grated tomato or avocado.
  6. The sweeter side of breakfast? Healthy sweets like raw carrot cake, our brownie or vegan donuts.

Where can you find our #HealthyByPetitPalace?

We know… now that you know about the new #HealthyByPetitPalace you cannot stop thinking about it. Suitable for the whole family (yes, even the little princes and princesses), our breakfasts are already a sensation in certain hotels like those in Barcelona and Madrid. Take note of where they are and do not forget to try the experience:



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