Petit Palace solutions for those who are already thinking about holidays

Petit Palace solutions for those who are already thinking about holidays

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Although the star of the winter season is the month of January, it is enough to go out on the terrace around five-thirty in the afternoon to realize that the days are getting longer and that evenings closed up indoors are beginning to be less routine minute by minute. In other words, when you least expect it, you’ll wake up one morning and realize that the Easter holidays are there and with them the Spring break.

It is normal to think of holidays at this cold time of year and in addition to exceptional prices, you can research in depth each holiday destination and what it has to offer. If you are you still in the hazy Christmas mindset and you are not clear which destination may interest you for your next days off, please take note of some of the top ideas we are giving you today.

Valencia, a destination for all

With its good weather as a key feature, it offers all you need for ideal leisure and tourism whether you are traveling as a couple or with friends or family, the capital of Turia is always a perfect destination for spending a few of your holiday days.

It’s a place that not only offers you first class gourmet food but also visit s to places as beautiful as the Turia Gardens or the City of Arts and Sciences, two locations that you can get to in a very short time from our central Petit Palace Germanías hotel.

Sevilla and olé, a world capital

Seville is one of those destinations which especially attracts us and not just for its innate beauty but beyond that Seville is a destination to which no-one could be indifferent.

Although walking along the Guadalquivir River, visiting the Expo 92 development area or enjoying a football match in the legendary Sánchez Pizjuán could be the perfect way to spend your days, there is nothing better than choosing the neighborhood of Santa Cruz as a base to take in all the very best of its tapas and its atmosphere. Our advice is to stay in the Petit Palace Marqués Santa Ana, a hotel in this very neighborhood.

All to the North, all to Bilbao

And if you want to enjoy all the best that the north of our country has to offer, there is nothing better than choosing Bilbao. With its delicious gourmet food and a truly beautiful landscape, the Basque capital hides its most precious treasures in its historic center, in its estuary and near the Guggenheim. A unique area to visit, located next to the Petit Palace Arana Bilbao hotel.


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