Picnic in Alamillo Park, the green lung of Seville

Picnic in Alamillo Park, the green lung of Seville

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One of the things we notice about the city of Seville is the amount of parks and gardens that can be found in their neighbourhoods and avenues. Large and cosmopolitan, the city of Seville has managed to take form so that all these garden spaces neither suffer nor disappear.

Above all you find next to the Petit Palace Santa Cruz, Petit Palace Canalejas Seville and the Petit Palace Marques Santa Ana – green areas like the Murillo Gardens, Maria Luisa Park or the area of ​​the Alcázar. Seville has very extensive green areas in which to enjoy wonderful views, so why not have a picnic on the greens with games included.

Whilst you can leave the capital and head for the countryside (such as Alcalá de Guadaíra or Bormujos), the choice for urbanites is the Alamillo Park, the green lung of Seville and a place to breathe fresh air and enjoy winding down.

Located at the foot of the legendary Puente del Alamillo and with an area of ​​120 hectares (which are home to more than a hundred different species of bird), Seville park is ideal for walking, to go for a read or to enjoy a picnic with the family, as a couple or with friends. What are some of the many activities the park offers? These are some of the highlights:

Train ride

Similar to the traditional tourist train, Parque del Alamillo has a small train that transports you to the most important areas of the park and is ideal for those who have chosen to visit with the family (ideal for children … because we all know that in the end they get tired from too much walking). The price is extremely worth it and the ticket does not exceed 2 € in any case.


Although many choose to take their ball or do a session of Yoga outdoors, Alamillo Parque is ideal for bike lovers but don’t think it’s the only sports you can find in the park. You can also enjoy water skiing lessons and there are areas for skaters.

The ideal place for your pet

If you are someone traveling with your pet, Seville Park is perfect as it has a large area for exercising your pet. Your pet can enjoy games like never before, outdoors in the company of other dogs.

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