Places to enjoy a cocktail in Madrid

Places to enjoy a cocktail in Madrid

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To go out and have a vermouth has become one of the latest fashions and every weekend hundreds of people take to the streets to enjoy the excellent weather and an aperitif in good company and always over a vermouth! The sweet wine has changed from being a traditional Spanish custom to become an authentic religion for many who spend the whole week waiting for the weekend in order to discover new places where they can have an aperitif in a special atmosphere.

The fact is that not all the bars serve the same vermouth nor do they have the same atmosphere. For that reason we are suggesting some essential places, where you can sample some of the best vermouths in Madrid, either draft or special well known bottled vermouths, they are landmarks for the cocktail hour.

La Ardosa (Calle Colon, 13) is one of these mythical places in Madrid, which after one and a half centuries has earned a reputation for being one of the outstanding taverns at the time of the vermouth. With a typical atmosphere and brewing tradition, this bar situated in Malasaña serves an excellent draft vermouth together with olives or anchovies. Also highly recommended are their pints of beer accompanied by their famous potato omelette, for sure you will not want to leave.

Bodegas Ricla (Calle Cuchilleros, 6) is another of these key places where you can enjoy a vermouth in Madrid. It is fairly small but full of the typical charm of the bars in Madrid, which for many years have served locals, and visitors in the neighbourhood of La Latina. They have draft vermouth and apart from having a drink there together with a delicious tapa of small fried sardines, you can also take home a bottle to enjoy at any time.

In the San Miguel Market is another of the bars that can be considered an institution, at lunchtime on the weekend, for the number of people who visit the bar to have a vermouth. The name says it all: The Hour of the Vermouth. They have a large selection of draft vermouths plus many bottles of different makes and regions, perfect for the most refined tastes. You can also take the opportunity to try some of their delicious pickles, you will not regret it.

Tipos Infames (Calle San Joaquin, 3) is an original tavern where you can have a good time reading a book or enjoy an aperitif with friends or both things at once if you wish. This tavern/book shop is situated in the Malasaña neighbourhood and there you can try vermouths such as Casa Mariol y Morro in a more intellectual atmosphere.

While taking the vermouth route around Madrid, you should definitely not miss Stop Madrid

(Calle Hortaleza, 11 and Calle Atocha, 73). This typical tavern is one of the the oldest in the capital, founded in 1929 and it continues serving draft vermouth in exactly the same way in a typical atmosphere.

These are only a few of the many excellent bars where one can enjoy a vermouth in Madrid. A visit to these is essential but the city also has many other interesting places where you can try an aperitif and we invite you to come and discover them for yourself. If you need accommodation in the capital we recommend that you stay at one of the Petit Palace Hotels in Madrid where additionally you will have an authentic experience in stylish comfort.


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