Salamanca’s meeting point:  see you in the Plaza Mayor!

Salamanca’s meeting point: see you in the Plaza Mayor!

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Apart from being a world artistic reference for its Baroque style, the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca is an ebb and flow of life that has converted it into the meeting point par excellence of the city. A place to see and be seen and enjoy everything that Salamanca has to offer.

If you have chosen the month of October to treat yourself to a weekend break at one of the Petit Palace hotels in Salamanca, make a list of everything you can see and enjoy in the Plaza Mayor. The 88 arches of the square are exceptional witnesses of the magic of one of the jewels of the Spanish geography.

The perfect plan is to start your relaxing days without an alarm clock and with a 1st class breakfast in Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor. Here the aroma of coffee and “churros” and recently baked bread impregnates the air from early morning. There are numerous bars and cafes in the area. Why not try them all!

Our recommendation is to discover the greatness of the Cafe Novelty, the oldest in the city, established since 1905. If you are an art lover, in the interior of the Novelty you can enjoy a coffee while you contemplate the life size sculpture of Torrente Ballester, an adopted son of Salamanca.

If you prefer midday to show yourself in the Plaza Mayor, you will need to choose your place beforehand or perhaps make a booking. The thousands of tourists who visit the city use the Plaza as a meeting point and the ideal place to eat. If you wish to pass as a “salamantino” just ask one of the friendly locals for the exquisite restaurants situated in the small side streets near to the Plaza, where you can eat relaxed and yet still be in the centre.

At night is another moment when the Plaza Mayor can be seen in all its splendour. So if you wish to say goodbye to the city you cannot miss a night time visit. 

The illumination of the Plaza is amazing and if we add to that the flow of life that never stops, the place becomes even more spectacular. The best?

Say goodbye to Salamanca with some smoked ham and calm your thirst with a delicious local wine.

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