Second hand clothes in high demand in Barcelona

Second hand clothes in high demand in Barcelona

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Regardless of whether or not May brings the warm weather we are all desiring, the truth is that once the month of May has come and gone the traditional wardrobe change has to occur. The good weather equals new styles and so it’s time to say goodbye to the turtleneck jumpers and the wellington boots and introduce some colourful, cool clothes into your wardrobe.

The changing of the wardrobe means having to clean everything and the rediscovery of last summer’s clothes, which perhaps do not hold the same excitement that they once did, so why not take advantage of those trips to cities like Madrid or Barcelona and purchase yourself some new material? Are you looking for originality beyond the traditional clothing brands? How about exploring the second hand stores in the city of Barcelona? Today we talk about the three most popular shops in the Catalan capital.

Flamingos Vintage Kilo

In the district of Ciutat Vella (about 10 minutes walking from Petit Palace Barcelona and Petit Palace Museum) is located one of the two shops that the brand Flamingos Vintage Kilo has in Barcelona.

With hundreds of vintage clothes (from all kinds of cuts, styles and colours ranging from the simplest to the most extravagant), the store has managed to become famous worldwide for its collection system: pay per kilo of clothing. Result? Lots of original garments for our wardrobe at a really low price.

L’Esteve of L’avia

Located in the centre of Barcelona (less than 10 minutes walking if we take as our starting point our hotel Petit Palace Boqueria Garden) L’arca de L’avia is a unique and special place from which it is practically impossible to leave empty-handed. The reason? Their styles from another era, handbags, purses and small accessories from the 40s, 50s and 60s that give a touch of elegance and distinction to the most basic outfit.

Produit National Brut

Our last stop for the secondhand shops of Barcelona takes us to number 17 of Calle Ramalleres, location in which we find the store Produit National Brut. If you love the accessories and the shirts with really original prints then you are in luck because they are two of the “star products” of this Catalan store that the hipsters like so much.


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