Seville ready for the April Fair

Seville ready for the April Fair

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Leaving behind the candles and traditional hoods of Easter Week, Seville now makes way for veils and spots to live another year one of the most important events, the April Fair. Between the 21st and 26th April, the Andalusian capital will once again dress up to show the world an example of good character and the love of life of their citizens.

This is one of the most highly awaited weeks for the locals and many other people who every year travel to Seville, in order not to miss such an outstanding event. Understandably, the Seville April Fair is a week full of parties, good music, excellent atmosphere and the best cuisine. Something everybody should sample at least once in their lives.

The fair opens on 20th April at midnight at the traditional “lunes del alumbrao”, (Monday opening night illumination) an event also called “noche del pescaito frito” (fried fish night) because it is equally well known by either name. On one side the great principal entrance and all the lamp posts are lit up with thousands of lightbulbs that decorate the enclosure and on the other side the principal dish for dinner is fried fish, always accompanied with a excellent glass of local sherry.

The illumination of the main entrance of the enclosure is one of the most awaited moments because it is a really spectacular experience. Every year a new door is built covered with light bulbs and always in tribute to one of the cities’ monuments. This year it is inspired by the Seville Fine Art Museum.

With the illumination starts the explosion of joy, singing, dancing and above all art. All the area of Real at the fair will be full of booths, both public and private where, at almost any time, you will find people enjoying themselves, eating, drinking, dancing or just enjoying the moment in company of friends and visitors.

Originally when the April Fair began in 1848 it was a cattle market where people went to buy and sell animals. However, little by little the people from Seville started to visit just to meet with others at this social meeting point. Actually the fair has maintained this finality plus the custom of riding Andalusian horses with the riders dressed in regional costumes.

In principal it took place on the terraces of the Prado de San Sebastian until quite a few years later when it changed to the actual site in the Remedios district. There the enclosure is divided into three sections, the Real of the Fair, called this because of the “real” previously charged by the carriage drivers to take people there, the street of Hell, where there is a large attraction park, and the parking area.

Wednesday of this week is a public holiday in Seville which means there will be an abundance of visitors although the weekend is when the fair receives most visitors from everywhere. Do not miss this opportunity to live personally this great April Fair. If you need accommodation we can recommend that you book a room at one of the Petit Palace Hotels in Seville, where you can

rest peacefully and afterward also visit easily some of the marvels of Seville such as La Giralda or the famous Maria Luisa Gardens.

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