Skydiving in Madrid, our extreme plan of the month

Skydiving in Madrid, our extreme plan of the month

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It is said and rumored that there is nothing like visiting Madrid toward the end of May to enjoy the city like never before. With a beautiful blue sky, with that smell of the countryside that we like so much (and that we notice once we leave behind the urban centre of ​​the capital) and with a hundred plans to enjoy; The truth is that a visit to Madrid is always a very good option.

You already know all the museums in the city and all its monuments and want to enjoy something more extreme? What we offer you for this weekend is unique so pay attention: a parachuting session. Live life on the edge (without leaving the side of the instructor required by this activity) here you have centres and web pages specialised in this exciting discipline:

Skydive Madrid

A little less than an hours drive from Madrid – if you take as a starting point our hotels Petit Palace Embassy Serrano, Petit Palace Triball or Petit Palace Tres Cruces – you will find Skydive Madrid, one of the most recommended centres for those who want to enjoy the magic and the adrenaline of parachuting on their vacation through the centre of the country.

Although they recommend to be previously trained or familiar with the activity, the centre offers a little training to all those who venture to enjoy the experience for the first time.

Salta in Madrid

In order not to be scared and to avoid any last minute surprises, it is not a bad idea to read how other parachutists have enjoyed their experience or what recommendations you should follow before making a parachute jump with an instructor. Our recommendation is that you become a regular reader of “Salta in Madrid”, a blog in which you can read people’s real experiences and in which you can find special offers and courses.

Skydive Lillo

If in addition to the parachuting you may want to try the skydiving. You can not miss visiting Skydive Lillo, a centre located at the Aerodrome Don Quixote de la Mancha, in the town of Lillo in Toledo. What are they offering? From basic parachute jumps to free falling from more than 4,000 metres, that are over in less than a minute.


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