Sopas perotas , the most authentic dish from Malaga

Sopas perotas , the most authentic dish from Malaga

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With less than twenty days before spring arrives, we start to think less about those  homemade warm winter dishes. Those that make us feel at home even though we are thousands of miles away from it.

With winter slowly on its way out, today at Petit Palace we have decided to fill the suitcase full of southern art and make the leap to the province of Malaga, a place where traditional dishes are abundant and where you must taste culinary delights such as the popular sopas perotas, the typical dish of the village of Alora.

At less than thirty minutes by car from the Petit Palace Plaza Málaga, Álora is the ideal place to enjoy some authentic soups, a hot dish served in a traditional earthenware vessel in which the vegetables are the stars.

The most delicious straight in Malaga

One of the things we like most in Malaga (capital and province) is that the recipe reaches so many people and changes that you will never know all of its different forms and a good example of this are sopas perotas.

The best? It’s fairly easy to make and has many properties. The ingredients of soups are mainly vegetables and bread. Although many opt for seasonal vegetables, as it is much more practical to go for ingredients which they can pick, like tomatoes, peppers and onion. Topped off with some garlic, a few leaves of peppermint, a pinch of pepper, saffron and a little more than half a kilo of bread. Yes, we know … its delicious!

Its one of those dishes that you can share as a photo on your social networks thanks to the iPad that you will find in your room at the Petit Palace Plaza Málaga hotel

The history of the traditional dish

Known all over Andalusia, these soups are more than just a malagueña recipe, they are important historically. Did you know that this recipe was the one that the field workers made daily when they had finished their days work? Hence the use of fresh and delicious vegetables from the earth.

Such is the passion that the people feel for this traditional dish, that every October in Alora they celebrate the Day of the Sopas perotas. The recipe is the star of the day but all the neighbours are invited to participate in its preparation or to taste the richest dish in the province of Malaga.


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