Start your family holiday at Petit Palace

Start your family holiday at Petit Palace

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August arrives and it is time to pack your suitcases, check the airline tickets (or take the car to the garage for a check-up), feel ready for the beach, long walks, never ending dinners and to shout to the four winds that…Yes, we are on holiday!

Although holidays should be enjoyed how you wish (because very few things are as subjective as summer holidays), from our blog we propose that you enjoy them as a family with all the good things we can offer from Petit Palace.

Holidays for all in Madrid

Even though there is no beach and it is a hot (for many) destination, to spend a holiday in Madrid is always a good option. So that you enjoy a holiday with the family in Madrid without renouncing the quality of a top quality boutique hotel, our proposal is that you stay at the renovated hotel Petit Palace Triball.

This hotel is situated in the heart of the Gran Via near to all the principal places of interest, which is ideal when you travel with the family (younger children are not made for long touristic walks). Also there are free bicycles with seats for children or presents for kids such as our Pepe Bear, the services of Petit Palace Triball allow you to use Wi-Fi and

IPad free for long suffering parents, and also MIFI free (city internet).

Barcelona city “par excellence”

Feel the Mediterranean breeze, enjoy the beach, the walks by the sea and the afternoons practicing sports is possible when you choose Barcelona as your destination and the beach of Barceloneta as a place for games, races and tapas (at the unique and charming open air bar/restaurants).

When the evening comes in Barcelona it is the time for the adults to relax a little and enjoy the excellent gastronomy. Where? At the beautiful Boqueria Market, a place full of stalls selling fruit, vegetables and prepared food (for adults and kids) which is less than two minutes from what could be your headquarters, the Petit Palace Boqueria Gardens.

Andalusian airs and walks with the smell of the sea

Our last recommendation for August takes us directly to Malaga, the second Andalusian capital and it is perfect for family holidays where you can enjoy traditional tourism, with activities and the best gastronomy. How do you find the best zone in Malaga in just a blink? Choose the Petit Palace Plaza Malaga as the base for your holiday. Also, as you are very near to the Calle Larios, you have easy access to the areas near to the sea.

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