The 5 best centres to practice padel in Seville

The 5 best centres to practice padel in Seville

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Land of the purest flamenco and a place where beer is sprayed as a prize, Seville is also a place very linked to the sport. A capital with places perfect for running or Nordic Walking. There is no shortage of canoeing schools (like the one in the Real Nautical Club of the city), professional tennis clubs (like those of Pino Montano) and high quality Padel centres. The people from Seville love their sports as much as anyone and you will always find them practising when the weekend finally arrives.

Have you decided to enjoy a mini break in Seville and do not want to give up those padel matches? Today at Petit Palace we tell you where the most famous padel centres in the city are located.

Cartuja Sport

About a 20 minute walk from the Petit Palace Santa Cruz and in the heart of the Isla de la Cartuja (where EXPO’92 took shape) is where the Cartuja Sport Center is located. This large gymnasium is not only one of the most versatile when it comes to schedules, but has some really good paddle facilities and a unique environment.

Club I Want to Padel

The name is a statement of intent, just like that. Lovers of padel, tune the ear because this club is legendary in the capital. A centre that is located in the beautiful district of Triana where you can walk or bike quickly wherever you want if you use our central Petit Palace Marqués Santa Ana hotel.

In addition to different courts and different prices, the Sevillian club has high quality racquets and balls and a range of really attractive prices that will fit perfectly to your holiday schedule.

Real Club Pineda de Sevilla

Although it is far from hotels such as the Petit Palace Canalejas Seville (located on Avenida Jerez), the Real Club Pineda de Sevilla is (with more than eighty hectares) well known to lovers of the padel. A place where you can practice almost any discipline and that offers high quality: rackets, balls, lockers, cafeterias, showers etc.

C3 Padel Club

Our last recommendation is called C3 Padel Club, a centre located on Montes Sierra Avenue (about 20 minutes walking from the historic centre of the city) with various courts and flexible hours throughout the day and week (and you can practice padel on Sundays too).


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