The 5 recipes you can’t miss trying in Bilbao

The 5 recipes you can’t miss trying in Bilbao

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We admit it: in the Petit Palace we are unconditional fans of the gastronomy from Bilbao. Rich, varied and suitable for all tastes, Bilbao cuisine is an authentic and original cuisine in which special attention is paid to two basic aspects: the proper ingredients freshly grown locally and a traditional cooking style that is passed down from parents to children.

With an amount of Michelin Stars that would be worthy of other world capitals such as London or Paris, Bilbao is a place where you can taste first class flavours at really inexpensive prices. Since its cuisine is broad and extremely varied, this week we will reveal the five recipes you must try if you visit the capital.

‘Infernal’ sausages

Near the hotel Petit Palace Arana Bilbao you will find numerous bars and restaurants in which to taste delicious ‘infernal’ chorizo. Prepared in front of the diner and on the spot, this recipe is usually tasted with a good slice of fresh bread and with some of the capital’s typical soups.

Stuffed mussels, a mouthful from the gods

Based on the fact that plain steamed mussels are already exquisite in Bilbao, it will be easy to understand why stuffed mussels are so successful. With spices and even a little bit of bechamel, this recipe will delight those who love seafood. The best place to taste them is El Baste, a bar and restaurant that is located a 30-minute drive away if you take the Petit Palace Tamarises as your starting point.

Txipirones in their ink

Whether as a starter or main dish, the truth is that few dishes are as delicious as the Txipirones in their ink. Although it is a dish that can put people off visually at first due to the excess of “black” in the dish, don’t be put off trying it it. It is a culinary experience.

Bacalao a la bilbaina(Bilbao codfish)

Freshly caught cod, oil and garlic cloves in a frying pan … These are the only ingredients that make up one of the best and healthiest dishes from the whole of Bilbao. Famous for its mild flavour but being tasty at the same time, cod bilbaína is one of the star dishes in the main restaurants of the Basque capital.

The Carolinas

To add a sweet touch to this list of flavours from Bilbao we suggest ‘Carolinas’, triangular meringues with chocolate that can be enjoyed with a glass of local wine.


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