The Barcelona American Film Festival Arrives in 2017

The Barcelona American Film Festival Arrives in 2017

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We love appointments with the seventh form of art as the main character and so we are not able to leave without echoing the event that is taking place in the Condal City during this moment: The American film festival in Barcelona 2017. An important date in the North American independent film calendar that began yesterday and continues to run until the 5th of March.

Considered to be one of the most interesting cinematic festivals in our country. The Barcelona American film festival 2017, now in its fourth edition is the only way to present North american movies with independent scripts in the main theatre halls of the catalan capital .

From now until next Sunday, those who are looking to spend a few days relaxing in Barcelona are able to enjoy a total of twenty two films like After Spring, Alex of Venice or Certain Women (with Kristen Stewart and Michelle Williams) in the renamed halls such as the phenomena room (15 minutes from Petit Palace Boqueria Garden) or Cinema Girona (very close to Petit Palace Barcelona and Hotel Petit Palace Museum)

Twenty two films and much more to discover

More than just enjoying quality cinema (Aimed at lovers of independent American cinema), The Barcelona American film festival 2017 offers a unique type of leisure for those lovers of this type of cinema.

Throughout the weekend, the holders of tickets for the entire festival can participate in various events such as the cycle “On the Road”, the film critic workshop or the seminar on independent film, a presentation will take place In The House of the Cinema and that will be given by Sergio Morera and Manuel Yánez.

If all this was not enough, the event will include a vermouth event that will take place in the Convent of San Agustín and several children’s workshops for all those parents who like to enjoy the day with the family.

How to get a pass for a movie weekend

Although you can buy your tickets directly in the famous Cinemes Girona, our recommendation (to avoid queues and waits) is that you purchase them online with the link to the official website of the event. So, for just 25 euros, you will have access to the screenings of the films seen on the billboards as well as all additional activities.


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